BrialleI have a new obsession – Brialle.

I hate to touch paper though, and am not very good without my sight (there’s a reason why I studied visual communications). I’m trying to learn to read Brialle instead, like visually. Ironic, I know, but there are just something about those dots that intrigues me.

I’m even considering having a tattoo in Brialle. Pretty common but some might find it weird that I have dots on my body. Personally though, I think it adds a little mystery.

Thought I’d share what I found on Google…

A tattoo for the blind, created by Klara Jirkova. This is done by having stainless-steel beads surgically implanted under your skin.

A clever idea but I’m not really sure if anyone has gotten one / if anyone provides this service. (Those are apparently photoshopped.)

Hmm, body mods. Interesting, but I’m too chicken to try.


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