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With no alarms and no surprises.

There was a scene in New York, I Love You where they played this song.

Beautiful song, beautiful movie. Now, I just need the movie so I can screenshot it!



One of the things I’d like to do before I die is dip my head into popcorn.

I mean, gigantic food is has always captured people’s attention. Think Cloudy! One giant popcorn wouldn’t be fun enough, but a pool of popcorn would be. Giant burgers and cakes are totally overrated.

Giant turkey leg I had in Universal Studios Japan a couple years back. I felt carniverous. Didn't help that we were at the Jurassic Park attraction.

Mm.. I would finish that on my own.

In China, Li Enlai made this 2,852 meters long noodle, with just one kilogram of flour!

Click on image to see more gigantic food!

For all you know, it might be good for health too.

Totally jealous of people who dreamt of bathing in ramen soup. Nothing is impossible? Impossible is nothing! Especially in Japan.

All the food talking is making me hungry. Off to breakfast with Mother now!


Dancing Cars

Cute ad by Michael Langan. Some stop-motion, perhaps? I like how the rays that comes through the window moves in tune with the odd, dancing couple.

Doxology by the same dude. Kinda has a trippy feel to it. Strangely, I find myself very entertained by the tennis scene.


It’s not a secret; why do you keep it?

I didn’t catch (500) Days of Summer, but I did play the penis game from the show! This video is uber cute. Love the song, love the dance and who can resist Zooey Deschanel?! Download the song here.

Rest of the November 09 mix:

You Were The Last High by The Dandy Warhols
Ride With Me (cover) by I Call Shotgun
Human Nature by Michael Jackson
Early Sunset Over Monroeville by My Chemical Romance
Crawl by Chris Brown
You Got Me All Wrong by Dios Malos
So Happy I Could Die by Lady Gaga
Ghost By Your Side by Lovedrug
Speechless by Lady Gaga
New York City (Super 8 & Tab Remix) by Armin van Buren


So baby raise a glass to mend all the broken hearts of all my wrecked up friends.

Lady Gaga’s performance at AMA 2009.

She is so amazing in so many ways. & I’m totally in love with Speechless and the rest of her new album.

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